San Diego CyberCrime Attorney

Cybercrime can carry serious consequences.  This catergory of charges covers cybersquatting, cyberstalking, internet fraud and more.


The act of reserving a domain name on the Internet, especially a name that would be associated with a company’s trademark, and then seeking to profit by selling or licensing the name to the company that has an interest in being identified with it.


The act of threatening, harassing, or annoying someone through multiple email messages, as through the Internet, especially with the intent of placing the recipient in fear that an illegal act or an injury will be inflicted on the recipient or a member of the recipient’s family or household.


The act of using an online computer service, such as one on the Internet, to steal someone else’s property or to interfere with someone else’s use and enjoyment of property.

Email Interception

The act of reading, storing, or intercepting email intended for another person without that person’s permission.

Internet Fraud

Any type of fraudulent use of a computer and the Internet, including the use of chat rooms, email, message boards, discussion groups and web sites, to conduct fraudulent transactions, transmit the proceeds of fraud to financial institutions, or to steal, destroy or otherwise render unusable (the proliferation of viruses for example) computer data vital to the operation of a business.

Telemarketing Fraud

Any scheme to deprive victims dishonestly of money or property or to misrepresent the values of goods or services.

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