Weapons Possession / Use Allegations

San Diego Weapons Possession Attorney

Simple weapons possession charges generally focus upon three issues, including prior felony record; the nature in which the weapon was possessed (i.e. concealed); and the type of weapon possessed (i.e. automatic weapon).

Weapons use allegations are usually alleged to enhance sentencing on other violent crimes such as robbery, residential burglary, or assault with deadly weapon. Such allegations can complicate sentencing upon conviction. Further, there may be three or more allegations on the same underlying charge which all appear to allege the same fact (i.e. use of a gun). Each allegation has a different impact upon sentencing and some may be allowed to run concurrent, while others must run consecutively. As such, evaluating weapons use allegations requires a thorough review of the defendant’s prior criminal history, his/her actual role or conduct in the current offense; and the severity of the actual incident involved (i.e. seriousness of injuries if any, etc.).

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