San Diego Molestation Attorney

Child molestation cases are among the most difficult for both the accused and the attorneys representing them. Children are special, and that is reflected in the way the judicial system treats these cases. Law enforcement is more biased and less objective, prosecutors can be almost rabid in their pursuit, judges can be unsympathetic to the cause of the defendant, and because other inmates view those charged or convicted of child molestation harshly, the accused must be carefully protected in the jails.

Child molestation cases demand a highly skilled, experienced attorney to handle them. How the case is handled from the very beginning, even before formal charges are filed, can significantly alter the outcome and shave years off the sentence of the defendant.

Hire an experienced San Diego molestation attorney.  Stephen G. Cline has been practicing San Diego criminal defense for 20 years.  His reputation and experience will be the key to the aggressive defense of your San Diego case.  Call today at (619) 235-5638 to review your specific case!