Misdemeanors & Infractions

San Diego Misdemeanor Attorney

Cases involving misdemeanor violations generally require an appearance in court.  On the date of your appearance, you will appear in court and if you have not retained a private attorney, you will be counseled by the deputy public defender on duty in the courtroom. The deputy public defender will discuss with you the prosecution’s plea offer, your legal rights, any potential defenses, and whether you will plead guilty that day or enter a not guilty plea and proceed toward trial.

Misdemeanor violations, although minor compared to others, can have serious consequences.  Misdemeanors may carry significant fines, impact your California Driver’s License, or leave you saddled with blemishes on your criminal record that may affect your ability to acquire or maintain employment.

Examples of Misdemeanors we handle:

When possible, you should retain a private attorney to resolve misdemeanor matters.  By retaining a private attorney you may avoid spending a day in court waiting for an opportunity to speak briefly with the deputy public defender who simply may not have the time to fully explore the issues raised by your specific case. An experienced retained attorney with a keen knowledge of misdemeanor criminal procedure can make that first appearance by facsimile, receive all of your police reports electronically, review your case thoroughly, negotiate a positive disposition, and appear on your behalf in court.

Hire an experienced San Diego misdemeanor attorney.  Stephen G. Cline has been practicing San Diego criminal defense for 20 years.  His reputation and experience will be the key to the aggressive defense of your San Diego case.  Call today at (619) 235-5638 to review your specific case!