What Can Stephen Cline Do For Me?

Quite simply, Stephen Cline will use his  legal skills to try to keep you out of jail or prison. Only a qualified criminal defense attorney has the legal experience necessary to successfully get charges dropped or reduced, as well as to negotiate plea bargains. We know how the legal justice system in San Diego works.

Stephen Cline worked as a public defender before going into private practice. His time in both roles has shown him that public defenders face a heavy workload and severe budget constraints that can prevent them from giving each client and their families the attention they deserve. Public Defenders may be committed to justice, but are assigned an enormous number of cases at a time with limited resources. Can you be sure that your case get the attention it deserves?

With the Law Offices of Stephen G. Cline you know that it will. We understand that the client is the focus of our practice and we are motivated to not only protect your rights but also provide excellent customer service for our clients and their loved ones. Stephen Cline knows that access around the clock to your lawyer’s office in case of urgent and emergency situations is important- that is why we personally answer the phone 24 hours a day. We also know that our clients need to be kept informed of their case progress on a regular basis- that is why we ask each client to call our offices, toll free, regularly once a week to speak with Mr. Cline about their case. We provide our client’s timely copies of their case discovery and our staff is available to update loved ones on the status of our client’s matters upon request.

You shouldn’t risk it. As a private attorney, Stephen Cline has keep his office’s workload to a manageable level and has a strong support staff to ensure that each and every case we handle gets our complete attention. If you are our client, your case will never go overlooked.

If you’re facing serious charges, you should have a serious attorney. And you should make sure you choose the right serious attorney. Ask these questions:

  • Has the attorney represented people facing the same charges before?
  • Does the attorney have a sound strategy to defend your case? You should ask this before you make your decision.
  • Does the attorney have a documented record of successful verdicts and resolutions in criminal cases?
  • Does the attorney have high peer rating (i.e. Martindale-Hubbell.com) or other honors (i.e. San Diego Daily Transcript Top Attorney or AVVO.com) that support their experience and success claims?

If you face charges at the federal level, you will be prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, not the San Diego County District Attorney or City Attorney. Criminal law at the federal level is a different ballgame. The charges are different, and so are the consequences. Also, federal prosecutors have greater resources available to build a case against you. If you face federal charges, it is imperative that your attorney has experience in federal court.