Resisting Arrest

San Diego Resisting Arrest Attorneys

Resisting arrest applies to any situation where the state alleges that a person hindered, delayed, obstructed, or actually resisted an officer trying to perform his/her duty.  It is a very broad offense and unfortunately, even the simplest of acts may be alleged as delaying an officer.  More importantly, in many instances wherein law enforcement used actual force in a contact with the public, they will seek prosecution for resisting arrest to ensure that the person contacted cannot sue for civil rights violations.  With these issues in mind, it is essential that defense counsel immediately begin an investigation focused upon two very important issues:  first, defense counsel must seek to identify or locate any eyewitnesses who may have seen the incident; and, second, defense counsel must ensure that all statements noted in the police reports are accurate through direct contact with any eyewitnesses noted in those reports.

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