Criminal Law

San Diego Criminal Law

Criminal law is broken down by penal codes on a local, state, and federal level. Crimes that are less serious in nature are categorized as misdemeanors, while more serious crimes are listed as felonies. This classification is used when determining punishment and sentencing if convicted. You reserve the right to be protected under the law if there are criminal charges brought against you.

As a criminal defense lawyer, Stephen G. Cline has more than two decades of experience representing clients for every possible type of criminal charge. From misdemeanors to felonies, he is familiar with the San Diego court system and well-versed in intricacies of criminal law. If you have been charged with a criminal activity, it’s best to seek the representation of an attorney who is ready to fight on your behalf. Being convicted of a criminal charge can have a lasting effect on your life.

Stephen G. Cline handles all criminal cases including, but not limited to, the ones listed on this page. If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime in San Diego, contact our office to schedule a free phone or in-person consultation. There is no obligation.