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Will you be diligent in your representation?

Will you let me know any time the situation changes or if there’s any progress in the case?

Yes. I, and any other attorneys at my office assigned to your case, will be diligent in representing you. Not only because of my personal work habits but because I am ethically obligated to do so. Attorneys licensed in California are bound by the California Rules of Professional Conduct, which provide guidelines for everything from forming a legal business practice to interactions with clients.

Rule 3-110 allows for discipline when an attorney fails to “perform legal services with competence.” Part of acting with competence is acting with the diligence needed to provide a criminal defense. Diligence means that I will be familiar with the facts and circumstances surrounding your criminal charges, research the law as needed, and work with others in the court system to get you the best possible outcome.

You will not necessarily be aware of every diligent effort made on your behalf. As Rule 3-500 dictates, I will keep you “reasonably informed about significant developments” relating to your case. For example, you will be notified when there is an offer from the District Attorney but you won’t likely hear from me when I spend an hour or two on legal research for your case.

Stephen G. Cline

Stephen G. Cline

Stephen grew up in Sacramento and pursued a degree from California State University at Sacramento. After graduation he worked in a group home caring for violent, suicidal and/or abused children. Though that and other personal experiences, Stephen brings unparalleled service to potentiality catastrophic situations. Learn more about Stephen and connect with him today!
Stephen G. Cline