Trial begins for unauthorized immigrant charged in San Ysidro hit and run that injured boy

Lawyers seem to agree on a several points central to the case of a Mexican man charged with causing an alcohol-fueled crash in San Ysidro that seriously injured a 6-year-old boy. Both sides say Constantino “Manuel” Banda Acosta, who was in the United States illegally, had been drinking for hours… from Latest – San Diego Union Tribune via IFTTT

How far to the First Amendment’s protections go when it comes to hate speech?

As a journalist, I like to think I know a little something about the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Like most students in the United States, I studied the Bill of Rights in grade school and learned the First Amendment’s protections by rote: freedom of speech, religion, assembly, petition… from Latest – San Diego Union Tribune via IFTTT

Driver in Harbor View fatal hit and run sentenced to 11 years in prison

A 21-year-old man who drove under the influence of alcohol, struck and fatally injured a pedestrian and then left the scene near downtown San Diego, was sentenced Thursday to 11 years in prison. David Dominguez was arrested in April at his family’s home in Encanto after police found the damaged… from Latest – San Diego Union Tribune via IFTTT

Sentencing delayed for burglar who killed 92-year-old National City woman

On the day set for his sentencing hearing, a man who admitted he broke into a National City home last year and killed a 92-year-old woman asked to withdraw his guilty plea and serve as his own lawyer in the case. Peter Thao, 27, pleaded guilty in June to residential burglary and first-degree murder… from Latest – San Diego Union Tribune via IFTTT

Del Cerro intruder sentenced to life without parole for murder, sex charge

A 21-year-old man who broke into a Del Cerro home where he held two women at knifepoint, killing one of them, was sentenced Friday to life in prison without parole. Eduardo Jose Torres pleaded guilty last month to first-degree murder and a sex-crime charge in connection with the June 2016 incident…. from Latest – San Diego Union Tribune via IFTTT

Pillars of the Community focuses on Islam and social justice in southeastern San Diego

Behind the storefront offices of the Encanto-based Pillars of the Community, local artists have started work on a mural featuring images of several civil rights leaders. Among them — depicted in profile — is Malcolm X, who was imprisoned as a young man on a burglary conviction and later became… from Latest – San Diego Union Tribune via IFTTT

Cosby accuser arrested on drug charge will not face prosecution

A woman who accused Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting her at the Playboy Mansion in 2008 will not face charges in San Diego after she was arrested on suspicion of bringing heroin to a local jail. Chloe Goins, 27, had been scheduled for arraignment in Chula Vista Superior Court Tuesday afternoon,… from Latest – San Diego Union Tribune via IFTTT

San Diego gang case shows how the Mexican Mafia wields power beyond prison

Mexican Mafia, God, family — in that order. That’s how one expert described the power and influence the notorious prison gang, also known as “La Eme,” holds over people in prison or county jail, as well as those on the outside. In a 2007 article published by the Southern Poverty Law Center, writer… from Latest – San Diego Union Tribune via IFTTT

11 plead not guilty in Mexican Mafia prison gang case

Eleven people charged in a conspiracy case related to the Mexican Mafia, a notoriously violent prison gang whose influence reaches far beyond prison walls, pleaded not guilty Monday to felony charges. The defendants — four men and seven women — are among 20 people accused in the case, the result… from Latest – San Diego Union Tribune via IFTTT

Man who stabbed mental health worker in random attack sentenced to prison

A man who stabbed a county mental health worker last year, nearly killing the woman during an unprovoked attack in the Morena area, was sentenced Friday to life in prison with the possibility of parole. Gregg Allen Taylor, 57, was convicted in trial of attempted premeditated murder, with allegations… from Latest – San Diego Union Tribune via IFTTT