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Arrested in San Diego and Charged with a Crime?

It can be overwhelming if you or your loved one has been arrested in San Diego on charges, brought by the district attorney or city attorney’s office.  First, it is important to take a deep breath and understand that this does not mean the arrestee has been found guilty of the respective charges.  In order to be found guilty of a crime, one must generally go through a series of hearings and a trial or take a plea deal in order to be convicted, and subsequently sentenced.

It is crucial that anyone going through this series of hearings understand what is in store for them from the arresting date, all the way through their sentencing date:

Immediate Contact with a San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney if you have been arrested in San Diego and charged with a crime is important:

Whether an you decide to utilize a public defender or retain your own attorney, upon being arrested in San Diego you should request that to speak with an attorney before talking to any law enforcement officer.  Whether you are read your Miranda rights or not, it is important that an attorney be with you in any interview with law enforcement.  Law enforcement’s job is to get information from you.  They may even be friendly with you or lie to you in order to obtain information. An attorney will make sure you are aware of your rights prior to exposing yourself to criminal liability. An attorney will also lead you through the often daunting procedure you will go through in the next few weeks, months and potentially even years.


When you are arrested in San Diego, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department assigns a bail amount based on the charges you are booked into the jail on and a predetermined Bail Schedule.  There are dozens of bail bond companies in San Diego that can assist in posting your bond for a fee.  There are other types of bail available as well.

Court Procedures and Hearings:

The San Diego Superior Court uses a series of hearings to process a criminal case after you have been arrested in San Diego.  These hearings are: Arraignment, Pre-Preliminary Hearing Readiness, Preliminary Hearing, Arraignment of Information, Post Preliminary Readiness, Trial and Sentencing.  Each hearing has a specific function or purpose.  Your criminal defense attorney can explain them to you or you can read our descriptions here.

Attorney Stephen G. Cline has been a practicing San Diego criminal defense attorney for 20 years.  His reputation and experience will be the key to the aggressive defense of your San Diego criminal case.  Call today at (619) 235-5638 to review your specific case!

Stephen G. Cline

Stephen G. Cline

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